I Want To Be Part of Sample Room’s Bloggers Circle!

From a clueless little girl who used to watch her mom primp in front of the mirror, I like to think I’ve come a long way. I like to think I’ve made some of my dreams come true, even though they’re not necessarily I-wanna-be-the-next-president epic. Through some interesting twists and turns in my life—some stemming from exciting blessings that have fallen on my lap, while others sprouting from heartbreaking circumstances—I’ve gotten some amazing opportunities that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Obviously, two of my favorites are writing for a local wedding magazine and becoming a beauty blogger. The former has taken me to interesting places, and the latter has kept my beauty loot blossoming.

Is it time to expand my horizons? Well, it always is! That’s why I want to be part of Sample Room’s Bloggers Circle. As a proud member of the local beauty blogging community, it would be an honor to get the chance to work with a company that has—whether consciously or not—helped me along in my quest to get to know the world of BEAUTY better. I can honestly say that, through Sample Room, I have discovered products that have become fast favorites and beloved staples in my daily beauty routine.

With that in mind, I’m looking forward to seeing the new and exciting things in store for samplers straight from the Xend bags of Sample Room. 🙂


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