Nivea Creme Soft Soap

Bullet points have made my product reviews a little less complicated. That’s right, I’m all about the bullet points now. I used to be in-denial because the fan fiction writer in me wanted to wax poetic about my beauty loot, but the practical side of me simply won’t have it. I guess the bullets are here to stay.

Broaching the topic of being uncomplicated, I would have to say I’m not particularly choosy when it comes to bath soap or body wash. As long as it smells good, doesn’t feel dry, and doesn’t drain my savings, then you can count on my to try it. One such soap is Nivea Creme Soft (ongoing promotion I saw in Shopwise gets you 3 bars for PHP 99).

When Nivea sent me this (along with a box of other Nivea favorites) late last year, I was thrilled to try everything out ASAP. Unfortunately, the crazy holiday sked caused a little overlapping to occur. Now I’ve got it all figured out, thankyouverymuch, and I’d love to say a few things about this satisfying bar-o’-soap.


Quick Specs: Made in Germany; contains rich almond oil; Hydra IQ moisture technology (that it didn’t really go on to explain)


  • Remember the “milk soap” craze a few years back? People wanted to get their hands on cow’s- or goat’s milk soap because of how creamy it felt on the skin. Well, this is a lot like that, but you still get a decent lather. It doesn’t foam up into big bubbles like anti-bac soap, but the lather is definitely on the creamier, finer side.
  • Remember the milk soap trademark scent? You’ll find the slightest hint of that as well in this particular variant mixed with the standard Nivea lotion scent. To me, it’s a pleasant fragrance that I associate with the words clean and luxurious.
  • Non-drying. All this talk of creaminess has got to result in non-dry post-shower skin.

Maybe I ended up waxing poetic about bath soap after all. Hmm…


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