I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam

If there’s one bathroom product I use like there’s no tomorrow, it’s face cleanser. I’m almost out of my Shiseido Perfect Whip, so I’ve popped open Etude House I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam (PHP 428 for 150 ml)

Quick Specs: Product is good for 12 months of use before you have to throw it out; tube is sealed for hygiene



What You Should Know:

  • “7 Free” ingredients, meaning it doesn’t contain seven harsh/harmful components such as parabens, mineral oil, etc. This is a big trend in Korean cosmetics right now, and some products even boast 8- or 9-Free.
  • It lathers! Mind you, the surfactant used is plant-based, so don’t expect major suds. It’s a creamy foam, much like Human Heart Nature Shampoo. After rubbing it between the palms, a fine lather develops. It’s enough to cleanse the face but soon goes flat. (See photo below to get what I mean.)
  • It doesn’t dry me out, but my face feels clean and oil-free after the wash.
  • Has a mild “plant smell”. You know, like muddled leaves. A good thing, if you’re not a fan of heavily-scented cleansers.
  • Because it’s mild, I wouldn’t trust this to remove makeup all by its lonesome. I’d still use my dual-phase makeup remover beforehand.

Right out of the tube

After a few seconds and some re-rubbing, the lather’s already gone flat and watery

This begs me to ask: How important is lather in natural products? Is it already enough that, at least, the ingredients are rather wholesome?


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