Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser

Primer? I didn’t even know that I needed primer! I was perfectly happy using my Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, until I started to realize that I probably required something to make it last longer. My combination skin isn’t always the most agreeable with just foundation, so I shopped around and spotted Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser (PHP 299 for 22 ml).


I wanted to start with something small, since this is my first ever primer purchase. Honestly, I didn’t want to commit to something too expensive as I wasn’t even sure how to use this.


Quick Specs: According to the packaging, Baby Skin Pore Eraser is… translucent and mistake-proof; breathable; oil- and fragrance-free; non-comedogenic; suitable for all skin types.

I don’t agree so much with the “suitable for all skin types” claim. Those with naturally dry skin may not have a ball using this, but I can’t definitively say so because I have combination skin.


The magic is in this cloudy drop


  • Instant mattifying effect. This is most evident with combination/oily skin or skin that’s just been moisturized.
  • Does it blur my pores? To a certain extent. There’s a natural-looking amount of blurring going on, so don’t expect Photoshop-in-a-tube.
  • Affordable! This is easily the cheapest and most readily available silicone-based primer out in the local market today.
  • The convenient size and packaging makes it a cinch to bring along in the makeup pouch.
  • A small amount covers a whole lotta ground.
  • No annoying fragrance.
  • Flexibility. Can be worn alone or under makeup.


  • Velvety texture takes some getting used to. If this is your first silicone primer, it might feel a little weird rubbing this all over your face.
  • If you’re in a hurry to do a full face of makeup, primers (in general) might annoy you. You’ll have to be a “waitey katey” because this thing needs to get absorbed before you can slather on foundation. Perhaps try to remember what they say about patience being a virtue?
  • Does nothing for dry spots on the face, though the same can be said with most liquid foundations. Better start with well-moisturized skin.



Tip: I tried using Baby Skin after moisturizer and before foundation. Having those three layers to deal with is rather inconvenient because you have to wait for each layer to dry. Besides, it’s also very sticky in this sweltering summer weather to have all three on at once. I also tried skipping the moisturizer to speed things up, and it does work like a charm PROVIDING you deep-moisturize the night before. You’ll want that residual suppleness to still be there when you apply this in order to avoid dry patches.

My Rating: 5/5 Good price, especially for a primer newbie. I’ve done a fair amount of swatching from silicone primers of different brands and price ranges, and this is up to standard.


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