My (Non-?)Relationship with Makeup Brushes

Ever heard of a finger applicator? It just means you use your fingers in lieu of a brush when applying makeup, It also summarizes my approach to wearing makeup for the longest time. Growing up in an “era” where a full set of brushes weren’t yet considered the everygirl’s must-have, I scraped by on the bare minimum, and it wasn’t a bad way to live.

First of all, I detested the sponge applicators that came with my eyeshadows. It had plenty to do with my mom’s less-than-light hand when she would make me over for big events. My eyelids would often feel raw from her ministrations. Secondly, in my teenaged mind, I would rather spend the money on actual makeup than on brushes, since I figured those were tangible colors lying on my face for the world to see. Third, I was always in a hurry, so I preferred non-complicated, non-powder formulas such as liquid/cream eyeshadow or blush and tinted moisturizer. Fourth, I opted for monochromatic colors, so the use of my ring and/or middle fingers to dab on cosmetics were precise enough. Finally, good brushes weren’t as accessible back then, so it didn’t cross my mind to obsess over them.

Little by little, my attitude started to shift. It started with the contouring craze when everyone was trying to outdo each other in re-sculpting their faces. I wanted to make my eyes look more awake, so I bought a Fashion 21 shader brush that I still use up to this day. Then I was down to a small nub of my precious MAC lipstick, so I had to get a lip brush to optimize the last of it. Following that, I was gifted with Clinique loose powder that was too good to go to waste. That’s when I bought a fluffy powder brush. Oh, you know how it goes… You start needing more and more tools, so the collecting already began without even being aware of it.

Where is this all heading? Well, after over a decade of using and abusing makeup, I still haven’t completed my brush collection, and I don’t exactly plan to. I’d rather stick to buying stuff as needed even though it’ll take my old-fashioned bum years to do. Hey, I only just bought my very first foundation brush last week because I couldn’t resist the curiosity!

The ‘gist’ of my brush collection


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