Dollar Store Haul

I have to clarify that, in the Philippines, a dollar store sells imported products for a little over two dollars. Most products there have prices that start at PHP 99, but since the last few weeks, the dollar store I frequent has gone on a clearance sale because they’re moving away. Here’s my haul:

It’s double the fun because the promotion is buy-1-take-1! The two jars of body butter on the left cost a total of PHP 150, the pair of Calgon Ahh…Spa! Tropics Body Mist was at PHP 200, and the big bottles of foaming bathโ€”we use them as hand soap, actuallyโ€”went for PHP 100.

Like I always say, you’ll find a lot of nice, cheap stuff if you know where to look. ๐Ÿ™‚

*The dollar store I bought these goodies from is on the ground floor of Ali Mall, Cubao.


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