It’s Vachuca, Baby

Meeting with my friend, Eva, is always a blast. She’s probably the craziest in our group of friends, but I mean that in the highest of compliments. I’ve taken to calling her “The Original Hipster” because she was already that long before we even knew that there existed a term for it. Her uniqueness/non-mainstream-ness has lead to equally non-mainstream ventures such as opening her own shop in Cubao X and extending that into an atelier to boot.

In our most recent convening, I was asked to “model” a canvas bag she has for sale in the shop. It’s by Vachuca, a collaboration Eva has with two other designers. The peg? Class picture day, I think.

Her magical iPhone 5 also has the ability to make me look slimmer, just like a Mango mirror

If I’ve gotten you nice and intrigued by this post, do drop by Cubao X to check out UVLA store or click HERE for Vachuca’s Tumblr account.


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