An Almost Finished Bobbi Brown Workshop Experience

It’s no secret that one of my biggest cosmetic dreams involve owning Bobbi Brown and MAC products, AND getting to use them on a regular basis. While I’m still saving up to make that dream a reality, I find myself truly grateful for small opportunities to further my knowledge on those two brands. Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending a Bobbi Brown workshop on easy-to-do smokey eyes—well, almost completely attending.

Bobbi Brown workshops galore

A week ago, I read on the Bobbi Brown Facebook feed that there are workshops set for all the Saturdays of May. I want to attend, but my schedule has been so weird lately that I can’t just definitively free up the day and go. In fact, I already forgot about it, but I found myself in SM Megamall over the weekend walking right in front of Bobbi Brown with M. That’s when I decided on the spot to check it out.

The Bobbi Brown makeup artist and the model, Cheska

I sent M off to go window shopping as the workshop began, so I had a good 30 minutes—or was it more?—to view the quick demo on smokey eyes. To my surprise, after the smokey eye bit, the makeup artist proceeded to wipe the model’s finished eye makeup off and start over from the very beginning with the entire 10-step Bobbi Brown method. Unfortunately, M and I also had reservations we needed to show up for, so I had to duck out of the workshop early.

Honestly, I felt like weeping. Even on our way home, I was still obsessing over not completing the workshop. But at the very least, I got to take this home:

The dream lives on. I hope to one day complete the workshop and get to finally own some Bobbi Brown cosmetics.


3 thoughts on “An Almost Finished Bobbi Brown Workshop Experience

    • Nope. They also have it in Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza and Rustan’s Grand Mall in Makati. Different schedules though. And I’m not sure if they give vouchers in Megamall.

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