Garden-variety Anxiety

Last week, I spoke about my foray into horticulture. Anyone who’s had a successful gardening experience will tell you that it is a most therapeutic hobby. What isn’t frequently mentioned is the continuous anxiety for two hellish weeks to a month, wondering if the re-potted plants will survive. Here’s what they look like now:

The collection has grown a bit since last week as I’ve added three new members to this little succulent society in the hopes that there may be “moral support” among them. (Please encourage each other to grow! ) I’ve also been Googling obsessively, trying to find out what types of plants I have and how to care for them individually and as a group. The echeverias (Echeveria Glauca, Black Prince, and another Echeveria I haven’t researched yet) and bigger cactii seem to be doing okay, but the tiny ones are still in a critical condition.

Meet the Newbies: Jelly Bean Plant, Panda Plant, and (I think) an Echeveria Elegans Blue

Oh, Ebi, how do you do it? And for those of you who’ve tried this before, can you offer up any tips?


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