Burt’s Bees Daisy White Skincare Workshop

When I started writing regular reviews for this blog, I also became a more active member of the local beauty circuitat least, in my own way. I have a laundry list of favorite bloggers, and one of them is Liz of Project Vanity. So when she announced on her blog that Burt’s Bees Philippines was having a skincare workshop to show off the new Daisy White line, I immediately signed up.

Arrived early to the event, so I was able to snap plenty of photos

My Saturday was spent in Makati as the event was held in Beauty Bar, Glorietta 2. My friend, Nadine, and I arrived early because of sheer excitement. Hey, it’s my first time attending an event where other beauty bloggers were present, so I acted like a bit of a fan girl. It was nice to get to chat with Liz informally before, during, and after the workshop. She carries herself with such confidence and is, of course, an engaging conversationalist. That gave the workshop a relaxed atmosphere.

Liz of Project Vanity discussing the basic guidelines for good skincare

The Burt’s Bees Daisy White line is a complete set of products that are targeted to brighten the skin in four weeks (when used as a complete line) or eight weeks (when using just one or two products from the line). As with other Burt’s Bees products, keeping the ingredients as natural as possible was the prevalent goal while developing the brightening range. Even the daisies used in the formula were hand-picked by community members (can’t remember from where, but it’s quite far from here) through a sustainable livelihood program.

The entire Daisy White range (from left to right): Facial Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizing Cream, and Eye Cream

From what I picked up at the workshop, the important things to remember when using skincare products are to: A) Read the label. It pays to know what you’re using and what’s in it. Google the ingredients if you have time; B) Transition slowly. Don’t shock your skin by introducing new products all at once. Preferably, introduce a new face wash, moisturizer, etc. one-at-a-time, giving each a period of two weeks to help the skin adjust before swapping one product for another; and C) Be patient. Good results can take time to appear, so don’t always be so quick to judge. There are factors like hormones or how much sleep you’re getting that can make a good product look like it’s performing poorly. Then again, sometimes it’s just plain incompatibility. Be observant.

Fan girl me simply had to ask for a photo with Liz

Do remember those steps, and don’t forget to check out Daisy White at your nearest Beauty Bar. 🙂


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