Growing The Roots Out

This title is true for two reasons: A) My hair situation involves growing out the bright reddish brown color to make way for untreated hair; and B) some of my pride and joy propagated succulents are finally growing their own roots. My [hair] roots are undeniably showing, but I don’t want to progressively darken anymore so as to avoid further damage to my super dry strands. As for the succulents, I’ll show you some pictures:

This came from…


This week, I learned the hard way that echeveria glauca (if that is indeed the one I have here) and jelly bean plants need lots of sunlight, unlike my growing cactus collection that seem to thrive on… well, not-so-bright light. The sun-loving twosome have earned their place on the windowsill, but have come back to me with further complications. I was greeted with sunburn on some of my jelly bean plant’s leaves, while the echeveria glauca had three leaves that looked like something had snacked on them. My solution? I take the jelly bean plant indoors right before noon and return them to the windowsill before nightfall, while the echeveria has been taken inside for further observation.

Still no idea what this is called, but it seems to be doing okay

Unfortunately, one of my potted echeveria plants perished this week. It hadn’t looked the healthiest when I got it in the first place, but it had pretty flowers and I acted like the typical optimist. I suppose this is where the trial and error part comes in.

The cactus in the center has already sprouted long roots, while the other two are on the road to recovery from the trauma of being repotted

I’m thinking of adding yet another cactus or agave to the collection to fill the void that the fallen echeveria has left, but that’s still up for consideration. Till the next plant update…


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