Human Heart Nature Chamomile Cool Natural Feminine Wash

I’m broaching a delicate subject, but I’ll try to make it as light and cool as this Human Heart Nature Natural Feminine Wash in Chamomile Cool (PHP 154.75). As I’ve mentioned before, I’m getting into natural products, so I decided to try this after my PH Care Cool Wind ran out.

[Rightmost] Human Heart Nature Feminine Wash in Chamomile Cool

Quick Specs: available in 50ml and 200ml bottles; comes in three scents—Powder Cool, Chamomile Fresh, and Chamomile Cool; proudly Philippine-made; cruelty-free



  • I have to rave about the cooling sensation on this one. There’s menthol in the ingredients that provides the hugely refreshing feeling this feminine wash offers. It’s the most cooling I’ve tried to date.
  • Gentle and non-drying.
  • The scent is subtle and clean, 100% appropriate for a feminine wash. Nothing fruity or overly perfumed.


  • As with all other Human Heart Nature cleansing products that I have tried, it’s not big on lather. Apply a little more than what you’re used to, and you’ll get something close.

Verdict: If you’re a fan of cooling feminine wash, don’t pass up the opportunity to try this out. If in doubt, check the smaller (50ml) bottle out.


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