Does Anyone Remember Charlie?

Those born in the 1980’s and before are probably the most familiar with Revlon’s Charlie line of scents. If you’ve taken a whiff of a perfume or eau de toilette born the 80’s, it’s likely that the smell is that of floral-aldehydes as it was all about the floral-aldehydes back then. To my younger self, it was simply called “that adult smell”.

Even now, I associate that type of scent with the 80’s, and I can’t help but shudder at the thought. But since I’m not a scent-snob, I decided to get myself a bottle of Charlie White for the experience. Maybe I want to smell more grown-up, or this is just part of my regression phase.

Charlie White by Revlon


According to Fragrantica, the three main accords are ozonic, aquatic, and fruity. Fragrance notes include watermelon, violet, lily of the valley, and peach. Personally, I got a strong blast of fruity-floral upon first spritz that transitioned into the refreshing aquatic notes. The dry down brings with it sweet watermelon and something powdery. I distinctly chose White because it smelled the least like the 80’s. (It was launched in the 90’s, actually.) Not impressed by the lasting power on this one, but 100ml for the price I paid is not a bad deal at all. I just don’t remember exactly how much this cost though.

Have you tried Charlie?


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