Philosophy Skincare Workshop

Workshops are starting to take over my weekends! I was planning on going on a workshop hiatus already, but I just had to make an exception for Philosophy. I’ve been interested in this brand even when I was but a penniless high school student, so I knew I had to drop by when I saw their event announcement on Facebook.

The FB Invite that started it all

The weather last Saturday was so unpredictable! When I woke up that morning, it looked like it had been raining. On my way to the event, I got a little worried that the weather would worsen as the skies were particularly dark in the Ortigas area. Luckily, I got to SM Megamall without incident and proceeded early to the brand-spanking-new wing, Building D, for the much-awaited workshop.

Love their beautifully decorated shop

Testers Galore

My desk set up for the workshop, complete with stationery set and tissues

To my surprise, I was in for a special treat. Ms. Cristina Conde, Training Manager of Philosophy, decided to give me a one-on-one skincare session for arriving early. She proceeded to tell me about the history of Philosophy—the brainchild of visionary, Cristina Carlino, that was eventually acquired by Coty—and the different product lines they now carry. The highlights of the discussion for me were Purity Made Simple and The Microdelivery as both lines are the most basic and versatile for any age and skin type.

From left to right: purity made simple one-step facial cleanser, foaming 3-in-1 cleansing gel for face and eyes, and mineral oil-free cleansing oil

In case you’re wondering which one’s for you, let me break it down. The one-step facial cleanser is okay for all skin types, has a toner effect, and is especially intended for those who want to remove all traces of makeup in one fell swoop. Supposedly, it can even get waterproof mascara, but I haven’t tried it for that purpose yet. During the workshop, I only had foundation, concealer, and powder on, and all those came off cleanly during our demo. The foaming 3-in-1 cleansing gel is recommend for those with oilier skin types. Finally, the mineral-oil free cleansing oil is ideal for those who are into double-cleansing, a two-step process that entails using some form of makeup remover before proceeding to washing the face with another cleanser… Did I mention that the purity made simple line is formulated for unisex use?

From left to right: the microdelivery peel in-home vitamin c peptide peel set and the triple-acid brightening peel pre-saturated chemical peel pad

Now let’s touch on the microdelivery line. The in-home vitamin c peptide peel consists of a pair of products, namely the lactic/salicylic acid activating gel and the vitamin c peptide crystals. The orange-scented crystals are used first to physically exfoliate the skin. Then, the activating gel is applied on top of the post-scrubbed crystals to create a slight foaming effect that’ll allow the active ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin. I only got to use it on the back of my hand as I had already exfoliated for that week, but my hand did feel squeaky clean afterwards. For the triple-acid pre-saturated pad, my ashy elbows served as the proverbial lab rat. Ms. Cristina first worked on my left elbow and had me compare the difference to my right elbow. Yes, it felt significantly smoother, so I kind of wished that an at-home treatment like this one existed specifically for the dreaded ashy elbows and ankles.

The vitamin c crystals getting rubbed into my skin…

…followed by the activating gel

For other skin concerns, there’s the Miracle Worker line with retinol for anti-aging, Total Matte for pore-refining, Keep The Peace for sensitive skin, and Hope in A Jar for general moisturizing. Their newest release to join the line-up is Time in A Bottle, an anti-aging serum boosted by vitamin c. There are still so many products to explore in the store that it’s really worth paying a visit, plus the store layout and consultation service—at least, the one-on-one demo that I got—gave me a well-rounded experience of what the brand has to offer.

With Ms. Cristina Conde of Philosophy

Visit Philosophy at the 2nd Floor of Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Building D to learn more about their products and services. The staff were friendly and accommodating, while Ms. Cristina was able to answer all my questions and give me personalized recommendations.


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