Philosophy Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance

To say that I’ve been obsessed with this fragrance for some time is a complete understatement. My  insatiable Amazing Grace lust started six years ago when I first got to try it in Beauty Bar. I loved it but there was just no way I could afford it, so all I could do was bide my time until I could fork up enough cash for a bottle. As with a lot of other lust-worthy beauty products, I had to wait until the ripe old year of 2014 to finally have it in my clutches. Now that I’ve gotten to use and abuse Philosophy Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance, I have a few things to say about it:

I’ve gotten a week’s worth of mileage out of this baby already, so excuse the lower “water level”

Quick Specs: PHP 2,495 for 60 ml; spray fragrance is made in the USA; bottle is made in France; Philosophy now operates under the superbrand, Coty



  • It smells just as amazing to me as it did all those years ago! Everyone will tell you that this epitomizes subtle and clean, so I won’t go into detail anymore.
  • The packaging and the bottle are just the classiest for me. It’s something I wouldn’t mind staring at on my dresser. (Heehee.)


  • The lasting power leaves me unhappy. That’s probably the biggest disappointment for me. When applied directly on to the skin, I get about an hour of “grace” before it fades into nada. On clothes, however, it lasts several hours. I should be happy that I get that much time on my clothes, but the Amazing Grace of earlier years stayed on my skin for hours on end. That’s because…
  • …this product is an eau de toilette version of Amazing GraceSince the Coty acquisition, Philosophy fragrances have taken on many different forms such as body spritz, edt, edp, and fine perfume. Philosophy Philippines only carries the edt version. Nevertheless, I’ve tried many other eaux de toilette that have lasted far longer. It seems like they’ve over-diluted it because it’s only a small step up from body spray in terms of lasting power.

Verdict: The lasting power is such a bummer, but I wasn’t surprised at all. Yes, I’ve read all the reviews, so I know about the boatload of complaints from those loyal Philosophy supporters. But because I love the scent of Amazing Grace so much, I decided to soldier on and use the edt. Next time though, I’d rather get my hands on the eau de parfum instead. Philosophy Philippines, please make the perfume available here!


9 thoughts on “Philosophy Amazing Grace Spray Fragrance

  1. […] Katy Perry Purr Eau de Toilette — I usually don’t buy celebrity-brand perfumes. Not snobby, just haven’t found so many that I like. This happened to be the exception. It’s powdery-citrusy that smells sweet without going overboard. I used this the most in the summer, and this was my go-to before I got Philosophy Amazing Grace. […]

    • Yeah. That’s the single biggest complaint from Amazing Grace reviewers. A lot of people belive that the formula in the early 2000’s has been changed to the one available now. It seems as though they significantly reduced longevity to create premium products. Nagkaroon tuloy ng parfum and fine perfume, apart from the edt. Eh noon I remember that the tester i tried lasted on the skin until evening. 😦

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