Nivea Body Lotion In-Shower Skin Conditioner

While the typical selection of lotions and serums have dominated the Philippine market, have you ever heard of a lotion that works a lot like a hair conditioner? Yes, it’s exactly the type of thing you slather on after soap or body wash, similar to conditioning after shampooing. And just like your hair conditioner, it’s a rinse-off, too. Say hello to Nivea In-Shower Lotion (PHP 159 for 250mL). It’s so clever that I have to wonder why it wasn’t thought up sooner.

Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion

Quick Specs: There are three variants to address various skin concerns or the lack thereof—for Dry Skin (with Almond Oil), Dull Skin (with Camu Camu, and Normal Skin (with Sea Minerals)



  • Convenience. While it’s not quite skipping a skincare step, you gotta love how it’s something you can do while you’re waiting for your conditioner or deep conditioner to activate. It’s also convenient because you’re basically done after drying yourself off—that is, unless you still need to slather on an extra layer of sunblock afterwards. In that case, this’ll still be handy for your pre-bedtime shower ritual.
  • No downtime. Another reason to love it if you’re a gal on the go. As soon as you slather it on, you can already rinse off.
  • The in-shower lotion is destined for ladies who hate the slimy feeling of lotion. After the rinse-off, you’re just left with noticeably supple yet subtly-scented skin. It feels like having a smooth waterproof coating on, similar to foundation primer, but for the body. Nothing sticky, nothing slick.
  • The scent of this variant is a winner in my book. It’s smells like Nivea Creme, so it’s recommended for those who love their clean, post-shower scents.
  • I like the packaging. The rich blue is, of course, a throwback to the Nivea Creme tin. The container looks sturdy enough that it won’t break with accidental shower drops yet easy enough to squeeze. I do hope that sturdy truly is the case as I’m a self-confessed accident prone with bottles and tubes in the shower, and this particular bottle gets so slippery once you have the lotion on your hands!
  • You don’t need so much to cover your entire skin, so 250ml will go on and on and on.
  • Awesome value for money for the Normal- and Dry Skin variants! Looks like I’m still going gaga over drugstore picks after all.


  • The main fail is the slippery factor. I’m not pertaining to the sensation on the skin, but how it could be physically hazardous if you slip on any residue while you’re in the shower. I’ve used mine several times already and have taken to aiming the shower head around the stall for a quick floor rinse after using it, just as a safety precaution.

After massaging onto the skin

Verdict: I LOVE this In-Shower Conditioner, and I’ve been waiting ages for it to get green-lighted in the Philippines. Oh, what a joyous occasion!


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