A Dragon of a Plant

I’ve had an insane weekend, and I think I’ve found my makeup shopping buddy! (Hi themigraineparty! 🙂 ) I’ll get into detail about that later, but today I’d like to share another photo from my garden collection.

Dragon Fruit!

This is the dragon fruit (some call it “pitaya”). Mine is of the Costa Rican red-fruited variety. Ebi and I were doing the usual plant shopping when we came across this li’l baby and its siblings. The conversation between us went something like this:

Me: Dragon fruit!!!
Ebi: Ohmygosh!
Me: Let’s buy this without over-thinking it.
Ebi: Okay!
Me: But where should I put—?
Ebi: You’re over-thinking it!!!

And so we just went for it, ball to the wall. Hopefully it’ll develop roots soon. I’ve watched plenty of YouTube videos, and it should take about 8 months to see results. That’s waaay better than what we were initially told by the vendor, which was to wait 10 years to see fruit. What patience that would require!


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