ONL Sweet Juice Macadamia Nuts Hand Butter

Call this TMI if you will, but the two driest parts of my skin are my palms and heels. The former is caused by frequent hand washing with our generic (and infinitely drying) hand soap, while the latter is caused by my love for open footwear. Any type of heavy lotion will do for my feet, but I’m a little more particular when it comes to hand creams. What I’m using right now is ONL Nutrition Up! Sweet Juice Macadamia Nuts Hand Butter.

ONL Macadamia Hand Cream

Quick Specs: 100 ml per tube; I got a buy 1 take 1 promotion on this for KRW 8900 (PHP 385); made in Korea; visit (website is in Korean) to learn more about the brand; for more details on the product, click HERE and google translate; Trivia: At the time this hand cream was bought, ONL’s endorser was Psy, the singer behind ‘Gangnam Style’

1+1 Value Set


  • The hand cream is thick but not greasy, making it ideal to use anytime.
  • It’s easily absorbed by hands and has a matte finish.
  • That’s good value-for-money for an effective hand cream.
  • The scent may be a little strong, but it smells clean like shea or macadamia body butter, not a raw nut oil aroma that can be off-putting to some.


  • While I’m not complaining about the generous amount I got for what I paid, 100 ml can be a little bulky for the daily purse. This rests on my dresser for bedtime use.


  •  The formula is a little too dense for its packaging. I find that I have to *SQUEEZE* quite hard to get enough of the product out, especially while in an air conditioned room. For something this thick, a tub or jar might have been more suitable. I’m only glad that the plastic tube is sturdy enough that all my squeezing hasn’t caused it to burst (yet).

So thick that it retains its shape out of the tube

Verdict: 5/5 I’ve used hand creams that were either too runny or too thick. This one is on the thick side, but comfortably so.


2 thoughts on “ONL Sweet Juice Macadamia Nuts Hand Butter

  1. I am a fellow Sufferer! constant washing of hands and of course open sandals in summer play havoc! I like THe Body Shop hemp hand and foot protectors a lot! I use them morning and before sleeping and it keeps my appendages soft and nourished 🙂


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