The Emptiness Assignment

Okay, that title was a little on the dramatic side, but I couldn’t think of anything else! It was either that or OPLAN GAMITIN 2014. This week, I was tidying up my nightstand. Uh-oh, that’s usually the point when a girl realizes just how much stuff she’s amassed. That’s why I started segregating my stash into two categories: Must Use and Use Later. These belong in my Must Use container:

The goal is to utilize at least half of this collection by the end of the month. It’s not as daunting as it looks, since a lot of the things here are mostly used-up anyway. They just need to be properly emptied. I’m trying to make room for some new and exciting beauty products coming my way later this month, so that has been my ulterior motive for the big clean-up.

Also, I’m thinking of implementing purchasing rules, so that I don’t get out of hand. (Oh, it’s only too easy…) For example: Buy a new item for every X number of empties, sort of like how MAC has that six-empties-for-a-new-lipstick policy. But it’s probably more along the lines of 3 empties for me.

I’ll post a before/after photo by the end of the month to track my progress. 🙂


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