L’Oreal Anti-Hair Fall Tonic

I haven’t done a hair treatment review in some time, so why not talk about it today? Spotlight is on L’Oreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Anti-Hair Fall Tonic (PHP 259 / 90 mL). This isn’t a new product, but I’ve used more than half of it already for my Emptiness Assignment. Might as well share my thoughts.

Anti Hair Fall Tonic


Quick Specs: 90 mL; star ingredient is arginine; made in China



  • It has a convenient nozzle applicator for no-mess use.
  • The scent is pleasant, something I’d want to smell on a body spray. On the scalp, it registers as refreshing. Perhaps it would make a good scalp freshener for moments when you’re in a hurry and shampooing isn’t the quickest option.
  • Top two ingredients are water and denatured alcohol, making the formula non-sticky and non-greasy on the scalp.



  • But did it work? I didn’t see any significant strengthening of my hair. Hair fall rate is about the same as before, though I’ve never experienced anything excessive. Note: I’ve used this twice or thrice a week instead of religiously as I don’t want my scalp to dry out from the alcohol.

Verdict: It was okay… The nicely-scented tonic is more for preventive maintenance, I suppose. It also doubles as a scalp freshener when needed.


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