My Fantasy-laden TV

It seems as though my television preferences have shifted into the more fantasy-themed shows. Since my usuals are taking their hiatus until fall, I’ve compiled a short list of series that I can obsess over for the meantime:

1. Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Why I’m Watching: I’m probably the last person on the bandwagon to get into GoT. But wait, I already saw half of season one years ago. I just forgot the story entirely and had to re-watch it all over again. I’m making progress. Currently watching season two. It’s pretty epic and I still have trouble keeping track of all the characters in the story.

2. Witches of East End

Witches of East End

Why I’m Watching: It started out strong, lagged a little in the middle, then got good at the end of season one. I’ve always loved witch stories, and American Horror Story: Coven is over. I need my fix!

3. True Blood

True Blood

Why I’m Watching: It’s basically a case of I’ve-watched-it-so-long-I-can’t-stop-now, especially because this is the final season. Also, I gotta find out what happens to Eric!


*Posters from IMDB


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