The Philosophy Peel Cabin

The Cabin of Earthly Delights. Nope, just kidding! But the Peel Cabin inside Philosophy Philippines’ Megamall branch comes pretty darn close.

Welcome to the Peel Cabin; here are some inspirational words

My friend, themigraineparty, and I were treated to facial twinsies one Saturday afternoon. It was a pleasant break from our rigorous window shopping marathon, so we gladly entered the peel cabin.

A look at the peel bar for what’s in store

Just what goes on inside the peel cabin, you ask? Well, you get to try out everything! From cleanser to serum to sunblock, you get a personalized session that depends on your skin concerns. The best part is that someone does all the work for you. (Haha!) Our facialist, Elaine, was super nice. Apart from her awesome face-massage powers, she made sure to try on us the products we inquired about and explained how to apply them and how often they should be used. She also patiently answered all our questions.

Take your pick from all of these

The following were used on me, a girl with normal-sensitive skin: purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser, the microdelivery peel, when hope is not enough omega 3-6-9 replenishing oil, eye hope, and be your best bb cream. Themigraineparty got a different set for her oily-sensitive skin.

On the hotseat

Honestly, the facial massage was so relaxing that I wanted to nod off. If it wasn’t for chatting with my friend, I probably would’ve.

Looking fresh and relaxed after the session—the BB cream flatters me

Use of the peel cabin is free for every PHP 3000 single-receipt purchase. The facial could be done on the spot or scheduled for a later date.

Post-treatment photo op with my philosophy facialist, Elaine

Visit philosophy at 2/f sm megamall fashion hall. 🙂


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