After The Rain

It is well and truly storm season once more in the Philippines, which means it’s a brand new learning curve for the novice plant-enthusiast. The watering and sunlight techniques that served me so well in the summer are practically useless now. Time to change tack.

After that nasty Typhoon Rammasun (Glenda, not the good witch, to the locals), this is the state my humble plant collection is in:

They seem to be doing okay

The chili plant, in particular, has plenty of white flowers

The blooms on my mini roses wilted though

I’ve had to move the more water-hungry plants outside because I went away on a weekend and it was a water-saving option to just let the rain take care of their sustenance. Much to my dismay, my gardenia buds just fell off. Again. Why?!

Bonus: Mushrooms have grown ! Not sure if that’s a bad thing…

This happened

I’m moving the mini roses back to the window box to shield it from the excessive rainfall. Same goes for my poor gardenias.


2 thoughts on “After The Rain

  1. Congrats (?) on the mushroom. My mini rose is about to kick it. The buds browned and fell off, and it got black spot. Hurrah.

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