Overnight Oats

Oh goodness… How did I not know about Overnight Oats before?! It’s basically three things that I’ve looked for in breakfast food since time immemorial: 1. It’s served cold; 2. It contains my daily dose of yogurt; and 3. You can prepare it in advance and not have to fumble for it in the morning.

Overnight Oats

*I’m sharing the step-by-step recipe, with photos! Let’s begin…


You’ll need a small container of yogurt (100g or 120g, either one is fine; flavor is completely up to you), some milk (soy, almond, full cream, etc.), and some muesli or plain rolled oats.

Step 1

Step 1: Scoop about 8 tbs of the oats into a bowl. Empty the container of yogurt into that same bowl and give it a thorough mixing. You’ll want the oats to be evenly coated with all that yogurt goodness.

Step 2

Step 2: Take that empty yogurt container and fill it up with milk. Yes, the ratio of yogurt to milk is 1:1. Pour half of the milk into the bowl and mix it up thoroughly once more. Pour the other half into the bowl and give it a quick stir or two, but let the milk float on top. Cover and refrigerate.

After all the mixing

It’ll be thicker the next morning as the oats have absorbed the liquid by then. Think of it as a healthier version of American pudding. If you want more of a milk-with-cereal texture, add extra milk right before eating. Another thing you may have observed is how interchangeable the ingredients are. This recipe is one that’s certainly yours to experiment with. 🙂

This is a big deal! There are tons of overnight oats recipes on the net that look so good, they must be unhealthy. Heehee. Click here for an example.

Happy breakfast!

*My cousin, Marianne, taught me how to make the Overnight Oats.


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