The Laura Mercier Masterclass

I am 100% serious when I say that I ran into this workshop by accident. My friend and I were on our way to her birthday dinner when we stopped by Rustan’s Department Store just for kicks. You know, force of habit? We did the usual circle around the beauty section and ended up seeing the ongoing workshop. The nice Laura Mercier ladies offered us seats, so how could we refuse?

A full house with MK Qua, makeup artist to the stars, in action

Working on the eyebrows

The masterclass was done to spotlight the Bonne Mine Collecion and LM’s High Coverage Concealer. We only caught the latter half of the seminar, but I took notes anyway. Here’s what I picked up:

  1. When you’re using cream or stick eyeshadow, blend it downwards for a subtle spread of color.
  2. Use a pearlized eyeshadow as a lid wash to add instant drama to your look.
  3. Store potted eyeliner upside down, so that the moisture content moves to the surface. It’ll dry up slower that way.
  4. Tinted moisturizer has a sheer coverage, but you can work to build it up a little by patting it on in layers.
  5. Getting the perfect eyebrows definitely take time, especially when you’re dabbing on powder eyebrow color. Be patient.

The Finished Product

Afterwards, we did the perfunctory crowding around the Laura Mercier counter. They offered 10%-off the price of products for that day only, so that was temptation motivation.

Foundations, powders, and tinted moisturizers

Colorful makeup

I walked away with a tube of SPF 20 tinted moisturizer. Review to come later!


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