Brushing Up on Brushes

I spoke about my love-hate relationship with makeup brushes before, and I felt like I wanted to elaborate on the brushes that make up my collection. Here are the major components of my brush stash:

And here’s a little commentary in case you want to get my two cents on the matter:

Stained Hand

1. Face Shop Fluffy Powder Brush – I saved up for this because a fluffy powder brush is a must-have for when you frequently use face powder (loose or compact) and blush. With face powder, the difference when you use a brush vs. the free puff inside is huge. The coverage is way more natural-looking. I am disappointed, however, by the poor quality of this particular brush. Every time I wash it, the water turns black from the dye used on the hairs. I’ve been using this for years, and it still bleeds! Quite disappointing and gross, so now I have a phobia of black-haired brushes.

2. Charm Adore Brush – I love using this for travel as a powder and blush brush. Soft hair, too.

From Left to Right: Artist Studio Foundation Brush, Nichido Shader Brush, ELF Blending Brush, and Bloom Lip Brush

3. Artist Studio Foundation Brush – I was caught in the moment, really. I wanted to add more sophistication to my beauty routine, so I decided to take a chance on this very refined looking brush. As it turns out, liquid foundation is still best applied with fingers because you use up less product in the process. This brush is ideal for creamier formulations, so I’ve yet to try it out for that.

4. E.L.F. Blender Brush – I should’ve gotten the small shader/smudger thing from ELF, but this isn’t so bad. As the name indicates, it blends colors well in addition to depositing a healthy amount of shadow pigment on the lids.

5. Nichido Shader Brush – My very first brush, I’ve had this for over half a decade. Still going strong!

6. Bloom Lip Brush – This was on sale at Beauty Bar. I bought it to use on my almost-gone lipsticks. Works fine.

7. Zipper-Close Pencil Case – I’m not kidding when I say this is a pencil case. I got it from the Stationery Department at SM Department Store. Think about it: It’s made of plastic, thus making it easy to clean regularly and quick to dry. Super convenient.

Did I miss any must-have brushes? Feel free to tell me what I should invest in next. 🙂

Tip: If you’re looking for affordable brushes that do amazing work, check Landmark Department Store in Trinoma and Metro Market! Market! Department Store.


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