Glysomed Fragrance Free Hand Cream

My love for hand cream probably started with Glysomed Fragrance Free Hand Cream. It appeared to me at a time when my hands were dry and battered from culinary adventures and lots of hand-washing. It also came at a time when I was on vacation somewhere chilly. Because my tropical born and bred skin started peeling, I grabbed the nearest winter-friendly lotion and this was it.

Glysomed Hand Cream *Couldn’t photograph my own tube as I’m down to my last few uses and it looks terribly beat-up*


Quick Specs: 50 ml; dermatologist recommended; not tested on animals; has a scented variant


From the tube


  • It has a thick, balm-like feel rather than a greasy one. I dislike greasy lotions as I’m sure a lot of people also do.
  • It leaves skin matte.
  • It might seem too goopy and thick when you’re in hot weather, but it’s actually perfect for cold, dry weather.
  • I’ve used this as a body lotion when I didn’t have any on hand. Again, it works wonderfully in cold weather.


  • It isn’t available in the Philippines!
  • Even though it’s unscented, there’s still the slightest waxy odor that I have now come to associate with glycerin. This is only truly a con if you have a very sensitive nose.

Verdict: I’m a Glysomed fan, and I’d also like to try out the scented version.

*Product photo and ingredients list photo from the Glysomed website


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