Let Them Grow: A Plant Update

I can now heave a sigh of relief—for most of my plants, anyway. The strong winds and rain have already started, and my plants are holding up fairly well. Don’t want to speak too soon, though. I’m still learning my way around the garden in this weather.

Baby Chilies!

The highlight of my plant collection this month is the growth of a second batch of chilies. This means a lot to me as I was completely unsure whether the plant could produce a succeeding batch. It didn’t for a while because, as it turns out, I was using a pot that was way too small to let the roots branch out properly. Flowers kept blossoming, but would die without any peppers growing in their place. Since then, the pot situation has been corrected and I’m seeing utterly pleasing results, except for a run-in with aphids last week.

Mystery Plant

These tiny things hopefully grow up to produce pods and pods of okra. I got the seeds from a friend visiting from the provinces. From the type of plants I’ve got growing, I’m thinking of using what I have to create a pot of gumbo. Haha. I pray it happens in the next few months.

Chocolate Soldier


Is it normal for small, non-succulent plants to grow alongside my succulents? It makes me nervous. Perhaps I’ve been overwatering? Anyway, that’s the big update this week. 🙂


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