Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Mud masks have been around for as long as I can remember. They’ve made me curious at one point or another, but I never actually bought one because I didn’t feel any intense need. Then the Korean face masks started saturating the market, but I never bought a single one either. Whatever I have in my stash are GWPs, and it’s common knowledge that Korean beauty brands love to give away masks. I tried some out and it was okay, yet I still didn’t feel any stirring emotion that would prompt me to start hoarding. Then my skin went on a losing streak that prompted me to reconsider.

Looking back, it was probably the sleep deprivation for an entire month that lead to the undesirable ordeal. It didn’t help that my hormones kicked in and made things worse. In my weak moments, I started scouring the net for a product that could turn my skin around. Masks came into the equation, and one of the most well-reviewed worldwide is Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (PHP 429).

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

Quick Specs: 454 g/1 lb; made in the USA; made from 100% natural calcium bentonite clay; no animal testing or animal products; available locally at Healthy Options

Unscented fine powder

Mixed with apple cider vinegar, it fizzes up


  • No icky scent. I initially thought it would smell like… mud. The ick factor only began when I added the apple cider vinegar, so my face smelled like vinegar the entire night. Use water if you can’t stand the vinegar.
  • I wish they sold smaller tubs, because how can I possibly finish this in a year? About two teaspoons (plastic spoon pictured above) is enough for one session.
  • For the sheer amount of clay inside the tub, this is good value for money.
  • Skin does feel clean afterwards, like dirt and oil have been sucked out. At least, that’s what my skin feels like, so I have reason to believe that it deep cleans as it promises.


  • It neither cleared up my skin nor broke it out. Maybe this will do more wonders for you, if you have issues with dirt and oil. Other than that, it’s a decent deep clean mask that’s made from natural ingredients.
  • For me, it wasn’t so much a pulsating feeling as it was a tightening sensation. If you use nose pore strips regularly, you’ll know what I mean. This mask feels way tighter, though.


  • I found the removal process to be the hardest, messiest part. Some fans warned against simply washing the clay off in the sink, since the chunky bits could eventually cause clogged drains or pipes. Some recommended the use of wet paper towels to wipe the product off. I tried that and ended up using a crapload of paper towels as the clay comes off only a little bit at a time.
  • Don’t try to move your face halfway through, and don’t laugh! I took that 1/4 inch thick instruction seriously, and it felt so heavy on my skin. Laughing actually hurt.

Happy Halloween! (Just kidding.) This is what the mask looks like once the clay is all dried-up and ready to remove.

Verdict: It’s worth a try, because it’s hard to mess up when you’re using natural ingredients. Do yourself a favor and find someone to share this tub with. At least you can save some money by only spending half. That’s still more than enough product.

Recommendation: Next time I wouldn’t do the 1/4 inch thick mask, since it’s so hard to remove! Two layers should be fine. *Eco-friendly solution: I’m thinking of washing my face with water over a basin, so that I could use the clay-water on my plants.*


10 thoughts on “Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

  1. I used to this. Pero di ko kinaya ang amoy ng acv. Parang amoy paa. Haha. Pero sa salad parang ok lang. Siguro dahil sa fizzy action, extra mabaho sya. Do this if you’re going to take a shower at night. Mas madali, hehehehe.

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