Dragon Fruit Patrolling

Five days ago, I finally made the big move to dig a hole in the ground outside my house for the sole purpose of moving my dragon fruit stem to healthier soil. It looked like this:

Roots, baby!

On Sunday afternoon as I was doing my usual inspection of my garden, I noticed this:

Spot the difference

Okay, let me help you out by zooming in.

Baby Fruit!

There were two baby fruits already growing! The other one was much smaller, so I had a hard time getting a clear shot. Anyhoo, I’m so relieved to see this development, especially after being told that it would take at least eight months to see fruit. *Joy!*

Happy Monday, everyone. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Dragon Fruit Patrolling

  1. oh so thats how a dragonfruit plant looks like. not very familiar with it cause its not common here. i tried to get into gardening recently but the recent storm wrecked my baby plants so i had to start again 🙂

    • My friend went through the same thing. She bought stuff, and then Glenda happened. 😦 My sampaguita and rose plants had to be moved to a different spot. The overwatering from the rain was causing the leaves and buds to turn yellow and fall off. Haay.

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