My Apple Juice Cleanse Experience

So… this is awkward. I went on an unexpected one-week hiatus after my professional worlds collided and I got sick on top of everything! Rest assured, all that stuff is over and I can resume my regular blogging schedule. To get back into the flow of things, I want to start off by sharing a little bit about the cleanse I went on.

My story begins with a gallstone. Singular. It was one big stone that was incidentally found via ultrasound inside my body after I decided to get a whole-abdomen scan for ulcer pains. My family has a history of gallstones, so I wanted to make sure that the occasional pain didn’t come from a plugged-up gallbladder. Well, surprise! Looks like the joke’s on me…

My dad insisted I try natural methods before consulting a doctor, because the only other option for a big stone is to undergo surgery to take the offensive gallbladder out. There’s something called “The Liver/Gallstone Flush” that tons of netizens swear by. The recipe/article I followed was written by Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan for The Philippine Star and can be found HERE. (Read the article to gain better understanding of the process.) And that’s what led to almost a week of this:

A whole box of apple juice

Downed half a bottle of this EVOO and 1/4 cup lemon juice on the 3rd night

Now after four days of torture, the “globs” that the cleanse described really did exit my body. The only problem was that it didn’t actually work on my gallstones. I even spent the money on another ultrasound after the cleanse just to re-measure the stone’s possible shrinkage. Same size. Still there. I went on a mini depressive funk that lasted about the week, but maybe it was actually caused by hunger pangs from the empty stomach.

The thing that made me feel a whole lot better was, wait for it, an actual visit to a gastroenterologist. The good doctor assured me that the pains really did come from hyperacidity. As for the stone coming out, well, it’s apparently more advisable just to wait and see when it actually starts to cause discomfort than to come at it too early. No arguments on my part.

Honestly, I debated whether sharing my story would be considered TMI for this blog, but then again, there might be people who are curious about the apple juice cleanse. I’m not saying that it doesn’t have its benefits, but it just didn’t work on me. Suffice it to say, I’m off whack cleanses for the meantime. (-_-)


17 thoughts on “My Apple Juice Cleanse Experience

  1. hi ive been diagnosed with mild cholecystitis with a gallstone 1.27cm along the neck lumen kc my dr. Adviced me to undergo surgery as early as this month kc daw mlaki dw un 1.27 cm he said na matatagalan dw bago mapaliit ung stone kya aq ito confuse 1s lg nmn xa ng attack and now d nmn sumasakit the only thing he said is that if mhulog dw ung stone sa bile duct o pancreas bigger problem daw kya ito asking for 2nd and 3rd opinion in ur case ganito din ba cnabi sau?

    • No. Actually mine is even bigger, but no cause for alarm daw as long as hindi sumasakit. Pwede naman daw magpa-operate if you really want to take the gallbladder out, kaso I was told that mas ok to just let it be muna.

      • Hi…..meron kc akong gallstone…….ung sau malaki na ung stone?hjndi sumasakit ang tyan mo ung rightside?sakin kc masakit minsan pero pinag gagamot muna ako ng doctor ko..,,,,

        • Hi. In my case, there’s only the occasional sharp pain, particularly when I’ve been consuming greasy food for consecutive days. The doctor didn’t advice medicine naman. More on wait-and-see talaga if the gallbladder needs to be taken out. If kaya sa gamot, in your case, maybe you should try? At least, baka kayanin ng gamot, kaysa operation agad.

    • I think if the stone is smaller than 1 cm, baka kaya daw sa bear bile medicine or even the sonic wave non-surgical treatment. I think lots of people are saying that the juice cleanse helped because the fasting didn’t trigger the pain. It’s more the relief than the stone actually dissolving.

      I also saw this video that scientifically broke down the juice cleanse logic:

      • Hi.. skin kc dalawa ang gallstone ko 1.9 cm and 1.6cm.. advce ng doc opera agad.. last nov 4 sa ultrasound ko my mild cholecytisis ako.. khpon ng paultrsound me ulit mdyo wla n ung pamamaga.. gallstones flushing.. matnggal kya ?

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