Dermatologist Says: Use Dove!

On the latter part of the previous week, I found myself at a local hospital with my grandma. No worries, it was just a quick trip to see a dermatologist as my granny had a bothersome dry (non-peeling, rough) patch of skin on her thigh. It’s been upsetting her for over a year, and she’s tried everything from over-the-counter calamine lotion to a home remedy of vinegar (eww). Off to the derma we went.

The very friendly doctor advised granny to stop overdoing her daily body cleansing rituals. You see, she tends to be a little intense, taking long, hot baths with a thorough scrubbing, followed by splashing rubbing alcohol all over her body. Her naturally dry skin type coupled with the normal aging process has stripped her skin of natural oils, so her entire ritual actually made things worse!

When asked about her regular bath products, granny told the doctor that she uses Dove Pink on her hair and standard grocery-bought beauty soap for the rest of her body. That’s when the derma told her to just use Dove all over. Apparently, it’s one of the cheapest gentle bath soaps out there. I joined in to ask whether someone my age should also be using Dove, and she said yes. Aaaah, so the stuff is actually dermatologist-recommended…

Dove White Beauty Bar, as part of a value pack of three

Apart from that, grandma was given an emollient lotion and an extra moisturizing ointment for her dry patch. We were also instructed to make sunblock (with frequent reapplications) our new best friend. Yeah, this is all basic info, but sometimes it takes reminding.


3 thoughts on “Dermatologist Says: Use Dove!

  1. Ooh, I used to have one of those weird skin problems! I was using Kojic soap – too harsh for daily use. As gross as it sounds, the derma simply told me to only wash my armpits, groin and butt every bath time! πŸ˜€ It worked naman, lol. I use Johnson’s Baby Milk Bath now πŸ™‚

    • I think this is the start of an obsession with baby bath products. Haha. I did have a few dry areas that seemed to improve when I started using Dove. I was hoping to get the new Belo kojic soap, but those plans have been scrapped. :p

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