Of Cabbages and Queens

It was purely coincidental that I got to spend some thirty minutes with 2014’s reigning Bb. Pilipinas beauty queens. I was at the Lactacyd event having just found a free cocktail table, when the ladies approached me some five minutes later to ask if they could share the table. I “scooched over”, and we got to chat a little bit about their queenly beauty routines. Here’s what I found out:

From Left to Right: Bb. Pilipinas Tourism Parul Shah, Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental Kris Tiffany Janson, Miss Universe Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa, Bb. Pilipinas International Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti, and Bb. Pilipinas Supranational Yvethe Marie Santiago

  • It takes 10-15 minutes for them to do a full face of makeup. 15 minutes is already considered long enough to cause a delay. The full face they’re referring to includes foundation, eyebrows…the works. It’s what you and I would call bridesmaid makeup, since they look professionally done by a makeup artist.
  • They still do their own hair and makeup. That, I was so surprised to learn. I know they do their own makeup as contestants, but I thought the winners were finally entitled to makeup artists.
  • They don’t get to keep the crown, and they don’t get a souvenir replica either. The original crown just gets passed on and on and on…
  • For the duration of their reign, the crown only gets brought out during special events.
  • Are those jewels in the crown real? Yes, apparently they are.
  • Those crowns are not designed for comfort. Aside from having to balance those heavy jewels that do not necessarily have even weight distribution all around, one crown was narrow, another had an “awkward” shape, and another was a little tricky to hold in place with pins. But of course, they make it look easy.
  • I may have been able to touch one of those crowns… I neither confirm nor deny it. Haha!

“Five and a Half Queens”

Those ladies are as sociable as they are beautiful. Here I was, expecting the typical aloof model-types, but I was wrong. It was surprisingly easy to talk to them, and the conversation flowed. Yeah, they’re girly-girls who love what they do, but I also got to experience first-hand just how approachable they are. It’s easy to see why they were chosen to represent the country.

Thanks, Binibinis, for being so gracious!

*For the record: I’m the cabbage. They’re the queens. Haha!


4 thoughts on “Of Cabbages and Queens

  1. Whoa you met Mary Jean Lastimosa?! Hahahaha I haven’t met a beauty queen since I was 4 when Philippines hosted the Miss Universe pageant in Manila back in 1994! I’ve wanted to meet the Binibining Miss Universe or Miss World or Miss International! Where’s that?!

  2. Whoaaa that’s a pretty cool experience! Love that they’re still down to earth even as winners. I’m surprised about the makeup bit – my admiration for beauty queen contestants has increased! Like they have to do all the beauty queen stuff AND do their own makeup??

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