Avon Ultra Color Matte Lipstick

I had no whatsoever intention of adding another lipstick to my collection, but this was love at first sight. It wasn’t even the color selection that drew me in, but the very sleek combination of shiny black and frosted gunmetal on the packaging. I’ve been preaching about sleek packaging for the longest time on this blog, so Avon Ultra Color Matte Lipstick in Matte Merlot (PHP 379; intro price of PHP 199) felt like a drugstore beauty dream come true. I couldn’t resist!

Soo shiny

Take in the sexy combo of black and gray

Matte Merlot


Quick Specs: 3.6g; made in the Philippines; a total of six colors are available

This photo (with flash) gets the color most accurately

No flash

Top: Avon Ultra Color Matte in Matte Merlot, Center: Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Vitalicious in Wine Wellness, Bottom: Colour Collection Vitamin E Satin Lipstick Red Wine


  • Did I mention how sexy the packaging looks? It had the same impact on me as a tube of MAC.
  • I would describe the shade Matte Merlot as a berry with a hint of fuchsia. Avon Ultra Moisture Rich Vitalicious in Wine Wellness is a dark fuchsia, while Colour Collection in Red Wine is more of a brownish red. I find Matte Merlot to be refined-looking, and this is what I personally consider an everyday red. No bright reds for me, please! This is as far as I go.
  • The color stays put and doesn’t move towards the edges of the mouth.
  • Has a mild fruity scent. Nothing offensive.
  • Color stays the same after two hours, but moisture level is a different story. (See below.)
  • Neutral: Leaves a very light stain.
  • Good price.

3-Hour Road Test

I tried this lipstick without any lip balm. I applied the first layer, blotted, then put on a second layer. Drinks were kept to a minimum.

  • 1st hour is the peak of this lipstick’s moisture level. It feels velvety.
  • At 1.5 hour mark, the dryness starts to creep in subtly.
  • Hour 2 is when teeny-tiny flakes of dry skin start to become visible.
  • At hour 2.5, pressing the lips together already produces that gritty feeling.


  • Mattes are trendy now, so why only six colors? I got the darkest color out of the six as the rest are too bright (fuchsia, bright reds, orange red, and coral) for my liking. How I wish they had a dark fuchsia in there instead.

Verdict: I don’t have much experience with matte lipsticks, so I can’t decide if the three-hour moisture lifespan of this lippie is a good or bad thing. But hey, a thin layer of lip balm can help extend the wear time. Also, three hours of straight wear is probably going to end in a bathroom and/or water break, so reapplication at that time seems imminent. For the price, go ahead and reapply all you want.


16 thoughts on “Avon Ultra Color Matte Lipstick

  1. I’ve been going back and forth about this one. I don’t know if I like it or not. But I’m leaning towards not. Damn. They need more color selection! I mean, yeah, pinks and red are pretty but there are no nudes or deeper shades 😦

    • Right? I googled the same collection from Avon abroad. They have a nude!

      I notice that the colors of Avon lipsticks here tend to be repetitive. Guess they’re just trying to be safe by choosing only the most salable colors. 😦

    • The color is there after 3 hours, but the sight and feel of the grit (or “libag” haha) makes me OC. IMHO, it’s still best to reapply on the 3rd hour. Not exactly an all-day lipstick, so I plan to wear this when I don’t have to stay out for too long.

    • After getting this, I tested another matte lipstick… Aaah, now I understand about the longevity. While I’m still not used to the drier feel of mattes, the other lipstick doesn’t turn gritty/as gritty.

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