On Lusting After Limited Editions

The temptation is always there. MAC The Simpsons collection, Chanel Rouge Allure lipsticks, Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me… The list goes on, and I am scared shitless because I don’t want to fall in love with something that I know is soon going away forever after that *gasp* limited time. So like the poor schmuck who’d rather not know love than to know it briefly and in a bittersweet way, I’ve shied away from the short-term pleasures in favor of the old “reliables” that I expect to always be there for me no matter what. But life has a life way of shaking things up…

Trouble began when I finally caved in and got myself an early Christmas gift that I’d been diligently saving up for. I won’t go into the specifics other than it took a lot of thought, research, and trials to finally make up my mind about what I wanted. Of course, what’s posted online isn’t always what you’d find in-store, so some of those painstakingly researched choices went out the window. I had to base my decision on what was actually on-hand, but it didn’t feel like such a big deal at the time. After all, you tend to get swept up in all the excitement. I left on a victorious high—and then I got home and went online.

As luck would have it, the item I chose has apparently been discontinued already. Yes, friends, I actually ended up in the situation I specifically wanted to avoid in the first place. I just know this is going to break my heart, and now the only comfort there is for me is the youthful motto, YOLO. Ugh. FML.


14 thoughts on “On Lusting After Limited Editions

  1. ahh yes. very good point here! this makes me feel a little better for all the times I missed on a limited edition product. I’m a sucker for those cause their very nice at most times. So far the big ones i regret missing on are mac alluring aquatic, and estee lauder tease. but you’re right, pag ubos na ung items its going to be hard to replace it again.

    • I’m back to my phobia of LEs. Pass on MAC The Simpsons, even though I swore after Archie’s Girls that I would get something from the collection. I love that Pink Sprinkles blush, but I don’t want to get depressed. (In fairness, the color of Pink Sprinkles is similar to Bobbi Brown Pale Pink, and I’m leaning towards Pale Pink.)

      Oooor I might get Nars Orgasm. I remember reading your review. I hate the rubbery container, but I liked the test run I did.

  2. I remember that heart-tugging, mind-squeezing sensation from MAC’s Maleficent and the Archie’s Girls LEs. I feel you, girl 😦

    Clicked onto your blog through Tellie’s, happy to have found you!
    – Jill @ kyaruandbunnies.wordpress.com

    • Still haven’t gotten over that Pedro Lourenco eyeshadow palette. I didn’t go for it because the color combo seemed so simple and nude (like I can try to dupe it with what I already have), but that’s also the reason I wanted it. </3

  3. And this is precisely the reason why I usually don’t let myself fall in love with limited edition items – because I know they’ll be gone sooner or later. And it’s not like I’m a gazillionaire who can just easily throw my money away on a limited edition item. It takes a lot of time to decide. I don’t wanna dive in and purchase an item and then come to regret it afterwards (because I hate regrets).

    E kaso bumili din ako ng blush from MAC The Simpsons collection and the limited edition Skinny palette from Lorac. Hay buhay. Haha!

  4. I think there’s only 1 limited edition mac product that I really wanted to get — Riri Boy. When I decided to buy it, it’s gone. Haha. Never again.

    I think I get more excited with ‘permanents’ because I know exactly what I like and I hunt like crazy. I don’t like being tricked into a deadline, too. I don’t like feeling rushed to buy stuff before it gets sold out. Really lucky I don’t care for packaging. 😛

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