Travel Beauty Hack: Mascara Off

If you’re like me, then you’ll have two types of makeup remover in your vanity table: a cleansing oil for regular makeup and a dual-phase makeup remover for waterproof eye makeup. For packing an overnight bag, bringing both just seems excessive, so I often opt for the dual-phase.

Unfortunately, I accidentally brought a waterproof/water-resistant mascara on a recent trip, and I found myself equipped with only a cleanser for washable makeup. My inner MacGyver was activated and I reached for this unexpected waterproof mascara remover:

Lipbalm! In this case, I had Kiehl’s LipBalm #1 on me. I squeezed a small amount onto the back of my hand. Then I picked some up, warmed it between my fingers, and rubbed accross my lashes. The mascara melted away, but it also left my skin feeling sticky and greasy. The solution? Follow-up with a cleanser or a cleansing oil to melt that gunk away.

I don’t recommend that this be done every day, since lip balm is obviously not opthalmologist-tested and may irritate sensitive eyes. However, the resulting gunk is quickly rinsed off with cleanser anyway and it sure beats waking up with racoon eyes. The logic is the same as using baby oil to take mascara off, and Kiehl’s has mineral oil just like regular baby oil. *Note: I have yet to find out if a non-mineral oil based lip balm can produce the same mascara-removal effect.*

Got any travel beauty hacks of your own? Share them!


7 thoughts on “Travel Beauty Hack: Mascara Off

  1. Good tip. I did something like this when I forgot my face cleanser. I found a heavy-duty lotion that’s mineral oil-based in my in-laws’ house (they only had bar soap). I used it in the manner that I would use a cold cream. Thank goodness I don’t wear mascara regularly.

    • If there’s one thing that turns me off of waterproof mascara, it’s the tedious removal process. Even with a dual-phase remover, I just can’t help rubbing to get all of it off. 😦 Makes me want to try out that Fairy Drops mascara that apparently just washes out with soap and water.

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