DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

I got on the Japanese beauty train this year (along with the trains of the French, the Americans, the Koreans…), and the most awe-inspiring discovery yet is the Japanese cleansing oil. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because of the coveted Shu Uemura goods, but who knew that there would be an amazing dupe like DHC Deep Cleansing Oil?

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

Quick Specs: 70 ml bottle, but I think there’s a bigger one available; made in Japan


  • There are a lot of impressive makeup removers out there. (I haven’t even gone to micellar water territory!) What makes a particular cleanser stand out is how effectively it can remove makeup and how easy it is to spread over the skin. Referring to the latter: When rubbed between damp hands, the oil immediately turns into a thin, milky-white liquid that coats the skin comfortably. In that way, it reminds me of Shu Uemura.
  • It doesn’t take a lot of effort to remove makeup, particularly long-wear eye makeup. Waterproof mascara, however, is a different story.
  • A simple, no-nonsense packaging hits the nail on the head as it highlights the functionality of the product. Besides, seeing how much cleansing oil I have left tells me when it’s time to start hoarding.
  • Half a pump is enough to cleanse light makeup, whereas a full face (with sprinkles on top) requires a full pump. In all fairness, it is so seldom I use a full pump, so this bottle should last me a long time.


  • Since this is being advertised as an olive oil-based cleansing oil, expect to smell just that. It has a raw olive oil smell, but it’s the fruity kind. You could love it or hate it, depending on your attitude towards EVOO. (Rachael Ray, is that you?)


  • Though gentle on the skin, there is slight clouding of vision when used on the eye area. It’s not a major con, since it’s a rinse-off cleansing oil. You won’t even have to endure it for a minute.
  • I believe you can find this in the local beauty black market, but it’s not officially available in the Philippine market yet.

Verdict: This goes directly on my “Why Isn’t This Here Yet?!” list. It’s such a no-brainer makeup remover that I see myself repurchasing ASAP. If only it could take off waterproof mascara, I’d give it a 10 for 10.


7 thoughts on “DHC Deep Cleansing Oil

  1. […] DHC Deep Cleansing Oil — I wish so bad that someone would legit bring this to the Philippines already. It emulsifies to removes long-wear makeup quickly and doesn’t take much effort to activate. Makeup just melts right off. For waterproof mascara, I still need a bi-phase remover, but this is the shizz for everything else. […]

  2. I keep seeing reviews of this product. Is everyone going to Japan without me?? The +water part reminds me of the instructions of my Etude House cleansing oil.

    So if it’s olive-oil based, how different is this, performance-wise versus actual olive oil? That might fare better against waterproof makeup (with some risk of breaking you out, probably)

    • I haven’t tried actual olive oil (yet!), but I think the biggest benefit this has is the non-greasy feel post-wash from its other ingredients. Even with pure evoo, I’d have second thought as I hate oily residue.

    • If you don’t hate the smell of raw olive oil, I think you’ll love this. The 70ml bottle IMHO is travel-friendly na rin because it’s a lightweight plastic. 🙂

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