Lust List: Fall/Winter 2014

This was supposed to be posted on the 29th, but I had to add another one to the list: MUFE Foundation! Just my end-of-year wishlist that I didn’t even expect to have…

1. Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense Lipstick in 31 Satin Mauve Pink

MUFE Satin Mauve Pink

Y u so beautiful?! I was out looking for MLBB lipstick, when I stumbled upon this gorgeous creation. It was love at first swatch! Buuuut I didn’t go for it because it would set me back PHP 1,400, and I had another lipstick in mind. Couldn’t find a close-enough dupe when I went to Bobbi Brown or MAC.


2. Benefit Watt’s Up! Soft Focus Highlighter

Watt’s Up!

Soft focus = fine shimmer + NO glitter. Perfectly natural golden glow. As in, GLOW. I have the deluxe sample, and I am all over it like a total fan girl. Love that it comes in stick form, so I can directly apply to the face and blend away.

3. Laura Mercier Secret Concealer

Laura Mercier

Is there a concealer that can go beyond the performance of my beloved Zero Kuma? I’d love to find out. I’ve read the raves on Laura Mercier concealer, but I have yet to do a trial.

4. A decent fluffy powder brush

A brush up

It doesn’t have to be branded, so long as it blends loose powder decently and doesn’t stain my fingers (and face) black. *ehem* The Face Shop *ehem*

5. Kiehl’s Creme de Corps

Creme de Corps

The last few months have been rough on my skin. I’ve already switched to a milder soap, but my skin is still drying out from the changing weather. If I so much as forget to put on lotion or my lotion isn’t rich enough, I start to suffer from dry patches. I need a skin savior!

6. Make Up For Ever HD Foundation in 120 Soft Sand

HD Foundation 120

If I really wanted to kick it into overdrive, why not go for a foundation that flatters on- and off-cam? Yeah, it’s not like I have cameras in front of me, but my inner diva just wants to experience HD makeup. MUFE has a legendary reputation for being surprisingly gentle on the skin, so I want to take the chance. (Thanks, Vee, for reminding me about MUFE foundies. :p ) By the way, my trial for this foundie ended up with me also trying Aqua Brow and MUFE’s cream blush, and both performed wonderfully.

Know of any dupes for the stuff on my list? Please share. 🙂

*Photos from official sites of the products


5 thoughts on “Lust List: Fall/Winter 2014

    • I was staring at it the other day at Benefit. I so want the full-sized version, but PHP 1,600 for a highlighter is making me chicken out a little bit. (Especially because it’s the holiday season, and there’s absolutely no budget. Haha.) It also makes me think, “For that price range, why not get the holiday collection box-o-powders minis first?” I have a lot of thinking to do! 😀

    • Frankly, I wasn’t able to give much focus on the line as a whole. I instantly picked this color from the lineup and didn’t even pay attention to the others so much. I can say, however, that the assortment is good. It’s the type of line where you can find yet another shade of, let’s say, pink or red that you don’t already have. Haha.

      From the trial, 31’s formula didn’t dry my lips out, though I only got to wear it for about 1.5 hours before eating again. It looks milder when swatched on my hand than applied on the lips. On the lips, the blue-tone comes out, so the color stands out (vibrancy) in a flattering way. Heck, it even flattered the color of my teeth. It looked different than what I imagined, but that actually made me want it more. It’s a shade I definitely don’t have yet. :p

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