The Bioessence Massage Experience

Aaaah, the joys of a soothing massage… Since I last posted about a spa experience, I’ve gotten a relaxing massage maybe two or three times (in different spas) before this latest one. The pre-Halloween treat was courtesy of Bioessence, who gave away vouchers for either a Beauty Break Facial or a Stress Relief Back Massage at this year’s Blogapalooza.

Blogapalooza voucher

October is always a busy month for me—I’m sure this pre-holiday season has been crazy for everyone—so I was only able to make an appointment two days before the voucher was set to expire. Tsk, tsk. Despite my last-minute plans, the Bioessence head office people were accommodating enough to make room for me in my preferred branch, SM Megamall, at 3:00 pm on the same day I called them up.

Ready? Set? Halloween! Zombie Spa

I got there at 1 pm, because I wanted to have lots of time to look around before my appointment. I was even able to drop by H&M to see what all the fuss was about. When I arrived at Bioessence around 2:55 pm, I was in for a surprise. Apparently, the head office did not inform the Megamall branch that I was coming over. The slots for 3 pm were booked up, so they couldn’t accommodate me just yet. The staff was apologetic and asked if I would like to do the facial instead as they had a facialist free for that time. It was either that or making me come back at 4:30 for the massage. I opted for the latter, since I squirm at the thought of extractions.


At 4:30, I was finally able to come in for the massage. The SM Megamall branch is undergoing renovations, so there was a makeshift wall using a curtain. My assigned room was obviously multipurpose as there were several machines there for other beauty services, and the bed wasn’t a massage table with a hole for the face. Other than that, I’m going to say that the room smelled clean. I didn’t inhale any overpowering room fragrances, nor was there any stench of old furniture. (Believe me, I’ve gone to places where the smell was anything but relaxing.)

Under renovation

The massage itself lasted for 20 minutes (around PHP 500 for the 20-minute back massage, while a whole body massage goes for PHP 800) and was expertly conducted by a masseuse named Arlene. The pressure was firm yet soothing, so those who appreciate a strong kneading should specifically ask for her. After the treatment, there was the requisite lounging time that I used to take these photos. That explains why the bed is already rumpled in the photo above.


Facilities include toilet and shower, as well as a hot/cold water dispenser. Other services are, of course, dermatological in nature.

Thanks, Bioessence! I needed that pre-holiday relaxation. For more info on their services and promotions, please visit their FACEBOOK and TWITTER accounts.


*I got to try Bioessence’s massage through a Blogapalooza voucher, free of charge.


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