Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me in The Morning After

Happy Skin has gotten such great reviews, not just from bloggers and celebrities but from my family members as well. I, on the other hand, did not instantly warm up to the brand like others did. Nothing personal, but my makeup choices these days are very specific. I want unique colors for everything from eye shadow to lipstick, so the crowd-pleasing choices I was presented with on my Beauty Bar swatchfest left me wanting.

To be fair, the entire Happy Skin collection is being marketed as products designed and formulated with Pinay (and Asian) skin in mind. They are not specifically known for coming up with distinct colors a la Lime Crime or Nars, and that’s why I wasn’t able to immediately take to the brand. But when I was eventually in the market for a new MyLipsButBetter/MLBB lipstick, I was also finally able to open my heart to Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me in The Morning After (PHP 549)

Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me


Quick Specs: 2.7 g ; made in Taiwan

A nude mauve MLBB

Leave it to me to want what I can’t have—again! The Morning After (TMA) is part of Happy Skin’s limited edition Summer 2014 collection. It was already September when I started re-swatching Happy Skin lippies for my ideal MLBB. From the reviews I read, it was looking to be a choice between Morning After or Honeymoon Glow. By the time I excitedly decided to try out TMA, it was only available as part of a box set that I wasn’t exactly crazy about. Hence, I had to hunt down TMA until I found it at a Plains & Prints. I didn’t hesitate to get myself a backup already.

The Morning After


  • Everyone’s going on about the pigmentation, and I see what they mean. With crayon-type lippies like these, the first thing that often comes to mind are Clinique Chubby Sticks. Those provide lovely color and moisture, but aren’t always the most pigment-packed. (They are more like balm stains, aren’t they?) SU&KMs, on the other hand, are. They’re pure color without shimmer pigments, but with a slight moisture sheen. Don’t judge the pigmentation prowess by the cutesy crayon packaging. These are bona fide lipsticks, pigmentation-wise.
  • The reason I wasn’t interested in this earlier was because I’ve always used brownish pinks as MLBB lipsticks. Once I discovered the possibilities of mauve-pinks as my new go-to MLBBs, the floodgates have opened. Particularly on fair, yellow-toned skin, mauve-pinks have a more blooming effect because they stand out more than brownish pinks against that particular skin tone.
  • No scent, and that makes it more of a crowd-pleaser.
  • I’m purely satisfied with the moisture content for the level of pigmentation. That’s where you’ll see the quality of this lippie.
  • After a couple of hours and the moisture from the formula naturally dries out, it doesn’t dry up to the point that lips start to peel. (I have to point out that the formula doesn’t improve chapped lips either, so it’s still best to start with smooth, moist lips.)
  • It stays on in full color until I eat. I usually get about 4-5 hours of wear before I eat, and the color stays on even when the formula goes matte from the drying of moisture. It goes matte by the fourth hour.


  • Personally, I still prefer the overall impact of the classic lipstick packaging: The bullet. The crayons, I think, appeal more to the younger set. The patterns and words printed on the stick seem to fade quickly as evidenced by the all the tester lippies I’ve gotten my hands on. After 6 uses, the silver writing’s already started to fade on my stick. You might find yourself displeased if you value the show-off factor.


  • LE! It took me a while to warm up to this brand, and then the one thing I end up loving is stocked in limited amounts. Arg,
  • I wish the stick contained more lipstick. At 2.7 g for an limited edition, of course I’m going to be critical of the amount I’m getting. Can’t it be 4 g, pretty please???

Verdict: If there was a color to get me into Happy Skin, this was undoubtedly it. I’ve been using this non-stop, since I got it. Would it be too much to ask for the minds behind Happy Skin to re-release TMA on summer 2015?


9 thoughts on “Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me in The Morning After

  1. I’m very happy I got this same shade, and it’s still the only lipstick I have from Happy Skin. I also got the SS Creme and it’s great for days that are not so humid. I’m more annoyed by the price, a little too steep imo!

  2. Still haven’t warmed up to happy skin, I think, but I like the formula and pigmentation of honeymoon glow. I don’t know if they’re consistent across the line. But I remember ‘girls night out’ to be a little streaky.

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