Chicken Glee with Chooks To Go

If there’s anything I hate about meat, it’s gotta be a dry piece of chicken. That’s why I’m usually not the first in the family to want to try out a new brand of rotisserie. Would you believe my luck when M and I both won a bucket each of Chooks To Go at Blogapalooza 2014 for participating in the booth’s games?

Sweet Roast Chicken Winner: The Blogapalooza Prize

I didn’t think much of the chicken until I tasted it. Even after a re-heat, the meat remained tender and moist. I was totally on-board to order some more for a small get-together celebrating my mom’s birthday. Chooks To Go’s FoodPanda delivery website was easy to navigate, so we had no trouble getting our chicken order together.

Step 1: After entering your delivery location and selecting your order from the menu, review your order and enter any voucher code you may have.

*For this transaction, I was able to use the ‘pandapalooza’ coupon code that entitles first time customers to PHP 100 off their order


Step 2: Select method of payment.


Step 3: Finalize your order

The order is confirmed via phone call from either Chooks To Go or foodpanda



Six buckets of deliciousness


Visit the Chooks To Go FoodPanda website to place your order. Happy weekend, and I hope chicken is on the menu! :p

*Go ahead and use the ‘pandapalooza’ voucher code on your order, if you’re a first-timer at Chooks To Go. The promo is valid until the end of 2014.


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