The Landmark Mini Haul

Landmark Department Store is a little bit of a black hole for me. I don’t want to go unless I have the budget, because I know it’s a place that begs for a shopping spree. I may have spent a full hour just browsing the brush section, because I simply had to have a fluffy powder brush. The result:

Beauty Tools

There was some frenzied buying of acrylic cases, puffs, and the brush I came for. Everything in this modest haul amounted to around PHP 650. Oh, and I also got myself bedroom slippers. (Cheap, comfy ones are available for PHP 100 AND they have big sizes, so I do a lot of slipper hoarding there.) Here’s a closer look at some of the items I got:

This cosmetic organizer turned into an accessories case instead

A new home for cotton pads

I’m hoping to get a fan brush when I come back. It seems like a more economical tool for loose powder. As for the brush and the powder puff, I’ll be reviewing those in a separate post. 🙂


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