Mom & Baby Natural Baby Bath Sponge

My product review for today reminds me so much of puto that I want to buy a dozen to snack on. For my international readers, the puto I’m referring to doesn’t mean “man-whore”. It’s the name of a cupcake-/muffin-shaped sweet steamed cake made of rice flour, a popular snack food in the Philippines. Now that we’ve got that sorted out, let’s move on…

Yesterday, I was in SM Department Store with my mum, shopping for a baby gift for a relative. Guess who managed to find a beauty product in there. I walked away with Mom & Baby Natural Baby Bath Sponge (PHP 145, or was it PHP 149) by Baby Company.

Doesn’t it look like puto: Mom & Baby Natural Baby Bath Sponge by Baby Company

Quick Specs: made of konjac vegetable fiber; toxin-and chemical-free

Check the porous material out


  • This brand of sponge is cheaper than the ones you can get in makeup stores. Can I hear the footfalls of konjac fans rushing to hoard sponges at SM’s baby department?
  • Sooo gentle on the skin. I imagine this is what a rubbery puto would feel like, if I “smoosh” it against my face. Even when you tend to be heavy-handed in massaging face wash on to your skin, the sponge neither hurts nor pulls. That’s more than I can say for heavy-handed folks who use their bare hands. (Yes, I’m guilty of sometimes rubbing harder than I’m supposed to.)
  • I could feel the pores of the sponge against my face, but there was no scraping sensation at any point. That’s why I think this is excellent for the gentlest of exfoliations.
  • Produces a soft, bouncy lather from facial wash that feels luxurious on the skin.
  • Unscented. When I first opened the plastic wrap, I decided to sniff the sponge to see if it had any natural odor. It didn’t smell like anything until I put it right against my nose. Then I got a whiff of something slightly sour, not unlike a rancid puto calasiao (quick-expiring sticky puto made from a fermented batter). Guess it’s just from the moisture trapped with the sponge inside the wrapper, because the scent immediately disappeared after washing the sponge pre-use with a little soap and water.


  • Washing your face with your hands = free. Using a konjac sponge means adding cost to an otherwise simple/cheap experience, because you’ll need to replace it every 3-4 months. But if you feel like this is the ultimate gentle way to cleanse skin and you have the budget for frequent replacements, then it’s not much of a con.
  • I would recommend to limit use to once a day. I would love to sponge away at my face twice or thrice a day, but I need to let it properly dry out lest mold starts growing faster from the perpetually moist environment.

Verdict: I’m one to believe that anything mild enough for a baby is perfectly good enough for adults. I’m a no-fuss girl, so I don’t think I’d use this religiously. However, I plan to use this as a special pampering treat for my face. Glad that I got to try this for cheaper than what these natural beauty sponges usually retail for. Guess I should wander into the baby department more often.


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