Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Burnt Sugar

Bobbi Brown has a special place in my heart. This was the brand that served as the “gateway drug” to all the other higher end brands I’ve since tried. On that fateful day when I attended a workshop and got a PHP 500-off voucher on any item, I decided to try Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Burnt Sugar (regular price PHP 700). Then I went into overdrive.

Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Burnt Sugar

Quick Specs: 0.10 oz / 2.8 g ; made in USA


In terms of color variety, I don’t find the Bobbi Brown eyeshadow selection to have the most uniquely colored picks à la Nars or to have practically all the colors or finishes you could ask for à la MAC, but that’s not what the BB makeup philosophy is about anyway. It’s the boutique/counter you visit when you want to create an infallible everyday look. Bobbi Brown makeup isn’t meant to be part of your “special occasion only” stash. Sure you gotta save up for the products, but they do tend to prove their worth to the point that they easily become makeup bag staples.


  • I fell in love with this shade right away. Even before seeing the actual color swatched on my skin, I already knew that Burnt Sugar would be a finalist from my many online searches. (I go the counter and have the SAs pick out the color they think would be a good fit. My research/taste and their suggestions tend to align naturally.) I would’ve gotten Rose Gold instead, but the counter ran out of stock. A happy accident though, as I have absolutely no regrets. This is a great color to work with: Burnt Sugar, a halfway point between gold and bronze, has more attitude than matte, but it isn’t too shimmery that you can’t wear it for daytime.
  • Bobbi Brown comes up with colors that are seemingly redundant, but it only means that each girl is bound to find her perfect match. For example, there are five base colors to choose from for Pinay skin, so you can get extra specific down to selecting a base shadow with regard to your undertone. (I tell you, it has spoiled me rotten. Now I’m even pickier with colors.)
  • Packaging is simple and elegant, as always. The shadow pan is on a plastic base that can be transferred to a palette, but it fits the individual compact snuggly that it doesn’t come loose. In fact, it’s so snug that I nicked the shadow trying to free the pan.
  • No trouble with fallout.
  • I like the level of pigmentation I’m getting out of this shadow. I get a lot of color out of a few pats. I’ve hardly made a dent on the shadow.
  • Texture is good but not exceptional. It’s finely milled though not particularly buttery. Maybe the matte counterpart would feel smoother?


  • For the price, the lasting power is just decent. Meaning, I’ve used drugstore brands that have outperformed Bobbi even without the primer. At the end of the day, I get very mild creasing, but this particular color is forgiving.

Verdict: For that price, I have higher expectations in terms of longevity. Love the color I got, and I know that it’s a color I will use and re-use endlessly. I’m thinking of purchasing a base shadow as soon as my current base runs out, just because I can find the exact perfect shade for me.


14 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Metallic Eye Shadow in Burnt Sugar

    • Yup. When I visit the Bobbi Brown counter to check out other shadows, I always walk away thinking I got the best color for me in Burnt Sugar. That’s why I’m also finding it a little difficult to plan my second Bobbi eye shadow purchase. :))

  1. This looks a great shade for everyday wear! And it looks like a color that can stand alone on the lids. But yup, seems a bit too pricey for an eyeshadow. Bibili nalang ako ng Fanny Serrano. Magkamuka naman packaging nila hahaha

    • Yun nga! I even tried switching the pans of FS and BB for kicks. Hahaha. Yung isa lang nagkasya. Can’t remember which one. Umm…I think the BB pan fits FS case ata loosely but securely, but it doesn’t work the other way around.

      I like to wear this shade alone or just paired with a neutral base shadow. It’s seldom that I use this to do a smokey eye. I chose this color specifically because I know it’s something I’ll [eventually] hit pan on, though I’m sure it will take a long time because of the good pigmentation. 🙂

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