My First BeautyMNL Haul

Coupon sites are a godsend… sometimes. This week, I’ve been calling a particular coupon site’s customer service number non-stop for the last two days. Guess what? No luck. Tried their customer service chat as well, and it was basically waiting for an agent to pick up for over an hour. I even tried e-mailing for my query, but the response time is insanely slow. Maybe it’s the holiday rush, so I’m trying to keep my cool. On a happier note, I’d like to talk about another online vendor that offered a smoother transaction: BeautyMNL.


I’ve mentioned before that I use Dove soap for my sensitive skin. Imagine my glee when I saw BeautyMNL offering a buy-1-take-1 promotion for several variants of Dove. My mom, an even bigger fan of Dove, caught wind of the promo and decided to hoard. Our orders arrived together:

Straight to my doorstep

Can I just say that I’m happy they have a Cash-on-Delivery option. Bank runs aren’t always the most convenient payment option, and I don’t like that G-Cash has a steep service charge.

Year-supply of soap

Can’t wait to see what other deals or promos they’ll have. But as with other online vendors and coupon sites, it’s always wise to know the price range of the items you are interested in buying. After all, the reason to comb these sites or to buy from store sales is to get the most bang for your buck.


11 thoughts on “My First BeautyMNL Haul

  1. OMG ang daming soaps! I checked their site and madaming mgaganda. They even have the refills for my neutrogena wave! kaso medyo pricey lang pero they have na and I will buy pag desperate nako sa supplies hehe. Nakakairita yung bad customer service na ganyan ah, buti nalang so far wala pa namang nagpapainit ng ulo ko hehe

    • There are products on BeautyMNL that are cheaper than other vendors and vice versa, and (sadly) some of the stuff I want is more expensive there or costs the same as in the malls. I’d rather just physically examine and select the product kung ganon, but I agree that their store is excellent for when you really need a rare/out-of-stock item and you’re ready to spend a little more. :))

  2. ay sis ako din ive been having a lot of frustrating customer service related issues. i even have one package that has been delayed for 2 weeks kasi the customer service is super slow. so frustrating 😦 but year trying to keep it christmas cool pero im on the edge na hehe. anyway i like the box and the cash on deliver feature. i might try this when i find a good product from their site that i want. so far wala pa masyado. im hoping they’d have the lush cupcake mask someday 🙂

    • Hmm… Why do I have a feeling that we’re dealing with one and the same company? 😡 Blind Item: The one I’m trying to hunt down is a company with the suuuuper long pre-recorded phone-answering CS hotline before you finally get to the dial menu, but always ends up busy and they automatically hang up on you. Is that the same as yours?

  3. Haha! Ang daming soap! I haven’t bought anything yet too. Ayaw ko kasi nung nakaplastic idedeliver esp. if makeup and if high-end pa. So, I’ll wait until they have better delivery packaging.

    • That’s exactly what I think about the high-end goods. It’s good to know that they sell the stuff, but I’m a little afraid about shipping and handling. Baka ideliver na mainit-init pa from the sun! Scary, especially for high-end lipsticks. Baka lumambot.

  4. Gurl you got like a truckload of soaps right there! Haha haven’t purchased anything from BeautyMNL yet but will definitely do once I find the ‘right’ product haha

    • I’ve looked for months prior to making the first purchase. You’re right about finding the right product. Some deals were nice, but they just didn’t move enough to go through with it.

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