Girl Stuff Nail Lacquer in Marilyn

Looks like I got sucked in to the whole week-before-Christmas panic buying phase after all, though it’s usually me accompanying someone who does the panic buying and I happen to pick up a few items for myself. The last of my Christmas shopping was capped off with a stopover at Girl Stuff for a few bottles of nail polish to give to my kikay (beauty-loving; beauty junkie) relatives. I also got myself two pretty new colors, Marilyn and Audrey, but the focus of today’s post is Marilyn (PHP 100).

GirlStuff Nail Lacquer in (L) Marilyn and (R) Audrey

The photo doesn’t do the Marsala color justice as the plum tends to overtake the muted wine shade on cam

Narrow brush

Quick Specs: made in France; formaldehyde-free; toluene-free; dibutylphtalate-free; around 8 ml, if I remember correctly

GirlStuff SM Megamall


  • In general, Girl Stuff nail polish has unique colors and finishes that the cheaper end of drugstore polishes don’t always have. In short, Girl Stuff is a bit of a trendsetter. You’ll be able to find glitter, sand, washable, and regular finishes there.
  • To prove the above point, Marilyn is actually Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala. Believe me, I’ve checked the drugstore nail polish collection. They don’t even have Marsala yet. It’s a gorgeous muted wine that’s way more wearable than Radiant Orchid.
  • The SA proudly said that I got their gel formula polish that would dry fully in two minutes. It’s quick dry. She’s right.
  • SA also said that this gel formula eschews the need for a top coat. Right again. It’s insanely glossy as evidenced by the photos.
  • The color and gloss survived the overnight pillow test, even with three coats. Some of my other nail polish tend to get smudged in the morning, even though I wait ages for each coat to dry. I was so impressed to wake up to full color and gloss completely intact. (Had to do three coats, because I wasn’t happy with the opacity I got from only two.)
  • Removes easily with the average nail polish remover.
  • The shape of the bottles are both cute and functional. They can be stacked on top of each other securely because of the wavy shapes that interlock.
  • Affordable for the quality. You can still have your PHP 30 polish, but this is a PHP 100 polish that has the quality of something that’s in the PHP 500 range. Some of their other offerings go up to PHP 150.


  • I find the brush a little too narrow, especially because I have wide nails. I can’t easily color in the requisite three quick strokes.
  • The lid, with its silver-painted plastic, gets scratched up easily. I haven’t even used Audrey yet, and a small portion of the silver paint has peeled off already. It’s no big deal, but just wrap it carefully if it’s meant to be given as a gift.
  • This is totally a minor thing, but the color’s label that’s printed on the bottle rubs off easily.

Girl Stuff packaging

Verdict: The cons are easily manageable, and the pros completely outweigh them. Doesn’t hurt that the products offer good value for money. I’m so excited to try out this brand, though I think I’ve gotten a small bottle of GirlStuff a decade ago as a gift from family in the US. I’m thinking of purchasing again already. 🙂


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