A Benefit Brow Bar Birthday

Once upon a time, I had a dream of achieving Cara Delevingne-like brows. That quest was not an easy one as it entailed enduring that awkward growing out phase of hair that’s always been tweezed or threaded off. Yup, it’s bangs all over again.

Cara Delevingne by IG User: @cara_jelly_bean

I think I may have lasted 5-6 months without any whatsoever touching of my brows, until a Brow Service offer came from Bobbi Brown’s Ready, Set, Give Facebook game. It’s a free tweezing/shaving plus filling-in service done by BB makeup artist, so why not? I tried availing of the service in two of their branches, but one counter required reservations beforehand while the other walk-in friendly counter had a line. I already threw in the towel and was about to leave, when I caught sight of Benefit’s poster advertising a free brow service (worth PHP 500) to birthday girls. Talk about a door closing and a window opening…

Benefit Brow Bar Menu of Services

Getting ready for the wax

After filling up a waiver about not having done other treatments on my skin and brow area for X days/weeks/months and requesting that we leave my brows on the thick side, the Benefit lady immediately got to work. She removed my eye makeup and proceeded to test the wax temperature and the yanking sensation on the back of my hand. All systems go. Then she just went ahead and waxed away.

Wax and Trim

The procedure was done quickly and, for the most part, painlessly. Coming from threading, a wax is a walk in the park. Can’t say the same about others, so see where you’re at with pain tolerance. The whole thing lasted around fifteen minutes, including manually tweezing stray hairs and trimming to adjust the strand length. Then my brows were filled-in with Browzings.



I’m happy with the results. While I can’t say if it’s Delevingne-esque, it does look so much cleaner. Mapping and filling with a brow pencil has also become easier, because of the tidy lines from the wax. Thanks, Benefit, for the birthday surprise!


*The Benefit birthday freebie can be claimed on the week of your birthday. Just show them an ID indicating your birth date.


10 thoughts on “A Benefit Brow Bar Birthday

  1. I want to react violently against that “being normal is boring” slogan. Haha. Maybe that’s what encourages these teens to go to extreme physical modifications.

    • Gosh, that’s not my intention at all. My interpretation of that slogan is… “Don’t be forced to conform to what is deemed trendy.” That includes physical modifications, since it’s rapidly becoming “normal” for girls to drastically alter themselves due to society’s perception of beauty. 😦 I’m pretty much the polar opposite of the Cara Delevignes of the world, body-type and all.

      • Haha, that was my interpretation, too, before.

        Until I heard it from my niece-in-law who’s doing some sort of emo scene lifestyle thing and wants to color her hair blue (not that there’s something wrong with that) for the sole reason that she’d do anything not to be considered “normal” and “boring”. Kids… I’m definitely getting old.

        • Kaloka! Maybe she also heard the term “basic bitch”? (Sigh, mean people.) I read an article from Star about how people today are so contradicting when it comes to trends. Before, it was cool to be popular. Then, hipster. Then when you try to just like the things you like, people will label you basic for not being unique enough. I don’t envy the youth. -_-

    • Thanks. 🙂 Oo nga eh. Tago kasi. The only reason I found the sign was because yung kasama ko gustong magpicture dun sa Christmas decor. I was waiting for her to finish, so medyo napatingin ako dun sa posters and signs in the corner.

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