My First Luxola Haul

Face-base hunting is heaven and hell. Heaven, when you find the perfect fit. Hell, when you’re left with a whole tube/bottle of something unusable. It’s less of a painful gamble when the base in question is on sale, so that was how I got to experience Luxola for the first time. 25%-off, baby!

From Luxola Singapore

It was one of those mid-week flash sale things that only went on for four hours, so I had to decide quickly. At this point, the only thing I honestly need is a decent base! (I love my Fairy Drops BB Cream to bits, and I insanely regret not hoarding that other tube of Light Ochre when I had the chance. It’s a full-coverage formula that doesn’t have a white cast, so it’s my go-to for photo days. But I digress…) I’m guessing that I’m halfway through my Fairy Drops, and I can’t stand waiting for it to run out completely before finding an adequate replacement. As early as now, the search is on!

K-Palette Zero Tema BB Cream, Dr. Jart and Klarity samples

I ended up choosing K-Palette’s Zero Tema BB Cream for its affordability and generally good reviews. From PHP 781.50, the price got reduced to PHP 586. Luxola also let me choose two free samples and included a SGD 20 gift card as part of their February promotion. Personally, it’s against my own beauty rules to blind buy bases, but I thought to bend the rules just this once. The bases I swatched at the malls last week were deeply unsatisfactory. Besides, I find that Japanese brands cover the undertone list extensively. (Fifty Shades of Pale?)

Delivery/Shipping Record

To Luxola’s credit, the transaction was smooth and painless. There was just a slight hiccup on Philippine shipping’s end. I was beyond excited to learn that the package I ordered on the 10th was already in Manila and out for delivery on the 12th. I wasn’t home but packages are usually received on my behalf, so I was shocked to find that there was an attempted delivery. Nobody heard a knock or anything. Had to to call the shipping office the very next day, and I was told to leave an authorization letter. Left a letter and had people on alert already, but nothing came. Then I went home and saw that there was another supposed delivery attempt on the tracking record. Called the shipping company again on the 14th to get answers, and they assured me it was a delay on their part. (Not sure why they have to say that it’s the customer who was unable to receive the package… Arg.) They guaranteed my package arrival on the same day, and it finally showed up in the early afternoon.

Have you tried Luxola yet? Any shipping boo-boos, like what I experienced?


6 thoughts on “My First Luxola Haul

  1. I got two Sleek eye shadow palettes from Luxola last year and I love them to bits! Mine went straight to the Philpost Office in Makati and it’s weird because my packages normally go to the Caloocan branch in case they have to be picked up. My dad picked it up for me and guess what, she wanted to charge P600+ in taxes! After she saw my dad’s ID (he works for the Philpost, Caloocan branch) she charged P50 instead. What the hell, right? Why charge P600+ when she can ask for P50 instead. That alone turned me off from buying from Luxola, at least for the time being. I still buy from Book Depository, though. 🙂

  2. I totally agree – searching is definitely a process, but when you find that perfect shade… It’s all worth it! 🙂 Looks like a great brand! And uou have a beautiful blog!

  3. I’m thinking of buying some stuff from Luxola but my thriftiness is getting the best of me (which is actually good because I have so much makeup right now LOL). Even though you experienced some delays on the shipment, I am still glad that even though Luxola is an international store, the products weren’t held at customs. Love your purchases btw! 🙂

  4. I experienced some delays last Dec., and I also had one item out of stock daw when my order was processed. But they refunded asap. My experience is almost perfect with them. 🙂

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