What’s In My Bag: UVLA Edition

I’ve been seeing a lot of ‘What’s in My Purse?’ blog entries, so I thought I’d do it a little differently today…

Eva of UVLA store is a childhood friend who never fails to make me laugh, even when she’s being completely serious. She is one of those genuinely quirky people who live that artistic/hipster lifestyle even before it became a big movement, but she still enjoys the perks of being mainstream. (Guess that’s why our group of high school friends can still “reach” her.) Since I’m always pestering people to tell me what beauty products they have on them, I’ve gotten Eva to share what’s in her homemade bags. Not much for beauty stuff, but still totally interesting.

The Utilitarian Pouch

The zippered rice sack pouch is an UVLA Store handmade. Let’s start the bag tour with a patch depicting cartoon poop that’s there for no apparent reason. (It’s kinda cute, so maybe a good luck charm?) There’s a pen that says “Hardworking, Goodlooking” and a tiny broken-off eraser. Then there’s the totally fake (but totally useful) Dove wet wipes in “Fresh Red” and a planner that says “2015 three hundred sixty-five eggs”, because 365 New Beginnings is too mainstream.

We move on to an itsy-bitsy pillow with a four-legged cartoon on it that I was told used to be a keychain. Again, just another quirky item she carries around with her. There’s a box cutter to “cut them bitches in a street fight” or just, you know, loose thread on the wallets she’s making. As a throwback to the 90’s, she’s wielding an old-school, wind-up camera. (There’s a roll of film somewhere…)

Next up, there’s a cable organizer she also made herself as part of her Vachuca collaboration, a Maped pencil sharpener, and an expired passport that belongs to her uncle. Clue: She’s in the process of making passport holders right now!

The Carryall

The much bigger tote she’s been lugging around the past few months can occasionally equate to checked luggage. This unique bingo-themed shoulder-bag is long enough to let her join a sack race on a whim.

Vinyl Peanuts Pencil Case

Also in Eva’s bag is a journal she uses for sketching, a mini perfume spritzer, a pack of painted seashells, and a strap for her fanny pack. (The fanny pack in question was nowhere to be found at the time, but we were able to use the strap for an impromptu airline safety demonstration on seat belt adjustment.)

Finally, I was able to unearth this heavy box from the bottom of the tote that actually contains a Philips iPhone 5 dock, because iPhone/iPad docks are the new boomboxes.

Alsa Balutan

In case I’ve gotten you all curious about my artist friend, she’s part of an upcoming pop-up bazaar called Alsa Balutan happening on March 7, 2015 at Cubao X. Do pay her a visit, as well as her other collaborators, and perhaps she’ll let you take a peek into her magical tote.


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