Lolane Pixxel Color Cream in Light Green Golden Blonde

Right from the start, the idea of a green-blonde hair dye seems completely unsavory. Hey, I have my reasons! The primary one being I’m completely terrified of bleach, so I’d rather just try to get my hair as light as possible without going all the way. That’s why I decided to get my hands on some Lolane Pixxel Color Cream in P25 Light Green Golden Blonde (PHP 130).

Lolane Pixxel Hair Dye


Quick Specs: made in Thailand; no animal testing

Colorant and Developer

This whole thing stemmed from my desire to color my hair purple. Call it my quarter life crisis, if you will. I’ve never gone beyond auburn, so my curiosity got to a point where I was okay to go dark purple all over or light/pastel/bright purple just on the tips. There was even a bleach pact among my group of friends, but we backed out one-by-one in the end. That’s how I settled on the idea of doing DIY ombre hair that I could maybe later dye purple. Ombre because it would be easier to snip off the ends if the dye job went south. (Below is the DIY ombre how-to video I used, in case you want to know how I did it.)

The colorant is blue

After mixing, it turns into a brownish gray

The Result


  • Affordable and readily available at your nearby Watson’s or Shopwise branch, though there were only a few colors in stock at the time.
  • Not particularly drying or damaging, though I broke the rules on this one. To achieve the lightest possible result, I went for a waiting time of an hour. (*I don’t recommend that you try this for yourself, by the way. You risk your hair health in letting harsh chemicals soak in for too long.) My hair has been able to bounce back since then, with a little help from Pantene 3 Minute Miracle.
  • As it turns out, this particular color is ideal for balayage or ombre as is. Even without dyeing purple over it, I like the way it turned out. Some of the red is still there, since black-brown hair is composed mostly of red pigments, but it’s been toned down. What I have now is a luxurious bronze.


  • The smell! I know I had it on for a long time, but the chemical scent was intense even just out of the tube and bottle. It’s typical hair dye smell, but significantly stronger than what I’ve used before.

Verdict: If you are immensely sensitive to chemical fumes, stay away from this one. I don’t usually react so much to hair color scents, but this one I hated AND had to endure for an hour. If you can get past that, the pleasing result and the low price make for a good DIY hair makeover.


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